Adding Chocolate To Beer In Secondary


I brewed a Sweet (Milk) Stout about two weeks ago, racked to secondary 3 days ago and now would like to add some chocolate to it.

I have a 1 Gal. carboy and a 1/2 Gallon carboy so I can experiment here.

Do I just add some cocoa to a hop sack and how much? Or chocolate chips to hop sack, also I have blue-berries, maybe add that to one as well. What’s possible here and makes the most sense?


Adding chocolate is normally something you would want to do in the boil but since your way past that stage I would recommend taking some good quality sweet chocolate.

Perhaps use a half cup because it sounds like your looking for sweetness to balance the bitterness of the pecan. Avoid dark chocolate. I would take a half cup of good, sweet milk chocolate pieces used in baking cookies and try to slowly melt them into a cup of water on low heat on a stove …let cool…and attempt to add that to the beer and let ferment completely.

Again,this is NOT the best way to sweeten a beer this late in the game but worth giving it a try!  Good luck.