Adding Ingredients To Beer Kit


I got a Coopers Brewing Kit last month and am finally getting around to making my first batch with it.

I’m leaning towards a Wheat, since that’s what I like drinking these days. I’ve spent the last few days reading online about other brewers that use these kits as a base and then add to it.

Would you have any suggestions to help me get my first batch off to a good start? I was considering using orange peal and/or fresh juice in the boil (filtering it out with a coffee filter).


I did the Cooper’s Selections Wheat last year and threw in a few cardamon pods into the primary. My mistake was, I didn’t crush it up first.

I’d suggest adding something like that after your boil (throwing juice into the boil will just up your sugar content and potentially raise your alcohol content (not a bad thing necessarily). Throwing something, like cardamon, in during the fermentation (or maybe late in the boil) will give you more of the aroma that I presume you’re looking for.

Either that, or, just do the kit as per the instructions. Take it easy, get familiar with your equipment and the process and then start messing around with recipes afterwards.