Any Tips For Growing Hops?


I recently ordered some hops online and they arrived today, so I have two Rhizomes of Cascade hops that I need to plant somewhere.

I don’t have a huge backyard, and the length of my yard runs East-West. I’ve got some different soil types in parts of my yard that I’m considering, and I’ve also got an interesting drainage profile as I have a drainage “stream” or cement gutter running though it.

I know I should have some sort of trellis or guide for the vines to grow up, so I’m considering on one side seeing if they will just grow up a tree that I have. On another side of my yard, maybe I can put up a horizontal wire along my fence?  Any thoughts or ideas on how to create good growing conditions for hops?


If you want to have a successful first year spend as much on the holes as you did on the rhizomes. I would plant two rhizomes per hole, and make a raised bed 18in high. Dig down 18-22in line the hole with wood chips or untreated scrap lumber chunks. then use 4 inches of manure. Then a inch of straw and 5 inches of soil all the way to the top.

Plant the rhizome 2in in the ground sideways or buds up and water lightly every 3 days of so. Do some reading on your climate as your watering situation will be unique to other areas of the world so you’ll want to plan for that.

I wold grow on a fence and train them or by the house and string them strait up.

I did a Chinook this way and it went 25 ft and produced 1/2 ld of cones the first year. Soil prep is key to anything you plant.