Beer Still Bubbling After 9 Days


I am making a  special Octoberfest extract kit, using Whitelabs German/Kolsch for yeast.

My question is… It is still bubbling through airlock every 20 seconds and today is the 9th day from beginning of fermentation. Normally I see 3-4 days and its done. I use a mini fridge to keep temp constant. 65-70 average 68. This is my first time using the German/Kolsch. Looks and smells as normal. Could this yeast strain be causing this?


That does seem to be a pretty long fermentation. I’d just let if go for a bit more and see what happens.

You might want to check the specific gravity at some point to see how things are progressing.

If the gravity is near or below the expected value and yet fermentation continues then you may have a contamination issue.

Smell and taste the beer that you get the gravity reading from. If it smells and tastes fine then you beer is probably okay.