Benefits Of Brewing 3 Gallon Batches


Is there any good brewing reason not to brew in 3 gallon batches. I also have wondered about palm sugar as an brewing ingredient. I’ve used it in coffee and baking and find it delicious. Anyone try it, I buy it at a local Indian supermarket.


For the most part, everything available today (equipment, recipes, etc) for brewing revolve around 5 gallon batches. Having said that, 3 gallon batches aren’t that uncommon. You can even buy 3 gallon carboys. It would be great for perfecting a recipe or if you don’t have the space to brew bigger batches.

As for Palm sugar, it does have a similar molecular structure to cane sugar, which will ferment out and leave your beer with a lighter body and dryer finish and, of course, raise the alcohol accordingly. Go ahead and try it, but I don’t expect much flavor addition from it.