Bottle Beer From The Primary


I just transferred my latest brew from Primary to secondary. I used a little more water than 5 gallons and have just under a gallon of beer left in my primary fermenter after transferring.

I decided to use priming tablets and bottle the extra beer leftover directly from primary… Would this still work out for me?


The purpose of the secondary is to clarify the beer and reduce the suspended material. The only problem I could see would be if the yeast didn’t consume all the sugars in the primary and you bottled it before it had reached the correct final gravity. In that case you could get some bottles bursting if fermentation continues in the bottles so be careful.

I could be wrong but the other thing that could happen would be that the beer is weaker or diluted because you used more water than what the recipe called for. Other than those possibilities (which I doubt either will actually happen), I think the beer will turn out to be fine.

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