Can I Carbonate Beer Below 70 Degrees


I have two batches right now that have been in bottles for almost 2 weeks. One is an amber apple ale the other is a white ale. Neither have shown a lot of carbonation to this point (although they taste pretty good aside from being flat and are not overly sweet).

The bottles have been sitting in the basement which runs between 65-70 degrees. I am thinking that it is just a little cool down there (although other batches have carbonated fine in the past).

The yeast I used for one was about 1 week from expiration and the other was about 2 months. The big question here is is there an upper threshold to the temperature I can have those bottles in? Can I put them in the garage where I have lots of space but can run upwards of 90 degrees in the mid west summers? Or, am I on the wrong track for why the carbonation is slow or non-existent?


Carbonation will take longer in cooler temps – correct.

I wouldn’t consider 65-70 to be below normal – so that is a good temp. 2 weeks is minimal time for carbonation – when I bottled it was 4 weeks before I thought about opening them (patience is a learned skill for home brewers). Give it some time and it should come out fine..