Can I Use A Different Yeast For My Beer?


I’m brewing a Red Tail Ale Clone and I got my yeast packets mixed up. I have Nottingham and I have Windsor. I don’t know which to add. The store where I bought the ingredient kit is closed for the weekend, and they don’t have an actual list on their recipe sheet. (It’s generic with times and temps etc…). Any suggestions on what I can do so I don’t ruin my batch?


Checking the product data sheets ( it is apparent that if you would mixed up the yeast the resultant beer will be slightly different from what was intended.

Nottingham is has a pretty neutral flavor whereas Windsor tends to impart more fruity esters.

Nottingham also has a high degree of attenuation and is flocculant whereas Windsor has moderate attenuation and is not flocculant. Therefore, the use of Nottingham yeast will result in a somewhat higher alcohol beer than would be the case with Windsor.

Also the flocculation of Nottingham yeast may remove some of the bittering compounds resulting in a slightly less bitter beer.

At any rate, I hope you guessed correctly on which yeast to use. If not, the beer should still turn out pretty nice. Who knows you may even prefer it.

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