Can You Add Sorbitol To Home Brew?


What would happen if I added sorbitol to a brew to add sweetness. Will yeast ferment this? Could I boil, or add later?


Sorbitol is a natural product, found in berries and fruits. It’s heat tolerant, bakes easily and does not caramelize. So, its inclusion in brewing should be acceptable. The heat tolerance means it will easily pass the boil…

It is related to aldehydes, which yeast do reduce in the late stages of fermentation, so it might be changed. However, since it is more closely related to a carbohydrate it should not ferment.

One possible way to test it with ruining a full batch is take a freshly fermented beer and yeast cake sample, (maybe a cup or so) and add sorbitol to it. If a renewed, vigorous fermentation happens, then you know it is fermented by yeast.