Can You Add Too Much Hops?


I just brewed a batch of American Amber Ale all grain and forgot to adjust the hop amounts. The IBU should be around 27 and I measured it at 80. Is there anything I can do to save the brew. The problem was, the recipe was for 5 gal and I make a 2.5 gal. batch. I used the full hop amount instead of halving it. Any help would be appreciated as I hate to throw it away.


Did you use the same amount of grain as the five gallon batch called for?

If so, when you are ready to transfer into the secondary you could add another 2.5 gallons of water to bring your volume up to the correct amount.

Keep in mind you would need to boil and cool the additional water to sanitize and remove unwanted oxygen first.

Alternatively you could brew another batch of beer with little or no hops and blend the two batches. This would be the option to take if amount of grain was reduced but not the hops in the batch you just made.

This is a bit of the pain but there are not many options for reducing the amount of IBUs after the fact.