Can You Use Dishwasher For Sanitizing


I realized If I take the top rack out of my Dishwasher I could fit my fermentation/bottling bucket in it…

Are there any pros or cons to using my dishwasher on Sanitation mode to sanitize my bucket and other brewing equipment? I have read that it’s ok for bottles but I haven’t done that yet.


I recommend 1.2 a cap full of btf iodopher in about a gallon of water.

You only need to splash it around a few times to sanitize. It only requires a 15 second contact time to sanitize.

I used to fill my buckets and stuff. But i watched a podcast on it and the maker of iodopher teaches how to use it and a bottle will last a very long time.

Some plastics will leach off chemicals if they get too hot also so keep that in mind.