Coffee Stout Extract Recipe

6 lbs John Bull dark unhopped liquid extract
4 lb. Munton’s dark dry malt extract
2 oz Chocolate wheat (cracked – I used a rolling pin)
2 oz coffee beans (cracked or coarse ground)
2 oz UK Fuggle hop pellets 4.6%
1 oz Czech Saaz hop pellets 3.0%
1 cup oak chips
I package of Coopers ale yeast, starter.

Use the extract late method to help boost the hops characteristics, and do a two stage fermentation with a second addition of oak chips during the second week. Total time in the primary fermenter is one week, and two weeks in the secondary. Longer wouldn’t hurt. This brew cleared out nice and the bottles have a thin layer of sediment, not much to worry about at all.

I recommend a yeast starter for any brew, prepared at least 6 hours in advance. I make mine the morning of my brew, since I brew in the evenings. Since using starters I have noticed an increase in my alcohol yield, a faster start and longer, more active fermentation.

Chill three gallons of water in the refrigerator for the day. When your ready to brew use two gallons of bottled water or filtered tap water (your preference). While the water is heating put the coffee beans and chocolate wheat malt grains (course ground and crushed respectively) in cheesecloth and steep it in the water. I removed the beans and wheat malt shortly before the boil started, just around 160 degrees.

Once the boil begins add the first addition of Fuggles (1/2 oz.). Basically this is a 45 minute brew because you won’t be adding the malts straight away. You will time the rest of the additions though.

Next, at the half hour mark add the second 1/2 oz. of Fuggles. When you get to the 15 minutes remaining mark add your first bit of Saaz (1/2). You can begin adding your extracts a little at a time from now until the end of the boil (starting at the 20 minute mark might give you a little more time). You don’t need to “cook” the extracts, they just need to be fully dissolved so the sugars can be broken down by the yeast.

When 45 minutes is up, add the last bit of Saaz and turn off the flame.

Now, cool your wort using your preferred method. While that’s cooling pour the three gallons of cold water into your primary fermenter. Get your yeast starter ready.

Strain as much of the hops out as I can. You can use a funnel strainer, or skim as much off as possible with a clean hand-held strainer. I prefer to strain out as much as I can to prevent hop tannins from over-bittering the beer.

Shake up your yeast starter and pitch the yeast, stirring up the wort in the fermenter to make sure it is mixed in well. Dump in a 1/2 cup of oak chips and put on the airlock.

After the first week rack to a secondary fermenter and add the second 1/2 cup of oak chips. After your third or fourth week, siphon the beer off into your bottling bucket and bottle away! The increased malts brought my final ABV up to about 8%.

Add 1 cup dry malt extract for bottling.