How Do I Clear Up A Porter?


First time doing a porter which is from a kit with extremely generic instructions. One thing it did say is to secondary ferment for 1 week and there is no way this makes sense! I’m beyond my second week and it still looks like it could be from the bottom of a river!

So I’m wondering on average how long does it take to condition porters before bottling. It would be nice to have a much more accurate gauge.


I wouldn’t look for an average time frame for conditioning any beer. The factors involved will be different for each type of yeast used, and the conditions of the brewery. You’ll know when it’s time to keg/bottle.

It seems to me that what you’re asking about is waiting for your beer to clear up some, and that there really isn’t any sort of fermentation actually happening. If that’s the case, you can help speed it on it’s way by tossing it into a fridge and crash cooling it.

Even better would be to use a good fining like isinglass while crash cooling. Done properly, you can clear up a really cloudy batch of beer quite quickly.

I’ve had a batch of beer that wouldn’t clear even after a month (a very low flocc’ing Belgian strain) which cleared up overnight in an ice bath with some gelatin fining.