How do I improve the head on my beer?


Is there any practical benefit to having a thick creamy head on a glass of beer?? I poured a dunkel last week and it took four or five minutes for the foam to subside enough where I could get the whole bottle in the glass.


Depending upon your tastes, there’s a huge benefit to good foam, and you just experienced it. I always carbonate my beers and serve in such a manner as to give me the huge, creamy foam which takes quite a while to settle out. The benefit is purely aesthetical and depends on the tastes of the brewer, but personally I do it for every beer and to hell with styles guidelines simply because that’s the way I like to drink my beer.) Isn’t that what Homebrew is supposed to be about, afterall?

But if you don’t like a big foamy head, then don’t make it that way. You can make adjustments to your carbonation.  Add a bit less sugar if your adding directly to bottles, or check the carbonation levels when kegging.