How long is too long in the secondary?


Is one month at room temp too long for beer to sit in a carboy secondary? It has one small (1/4 inch) colony of some kind of contamination but that’s all. I meant to keg earlier but my ‘promised’ keg never arrived. Can it be saved?


One month is not at all long for secondary. It’s perhaps average. Mine generally sit at least a month in the secondary at room temperature.

The first thing I always do with an infected beer, wine or mead is to pasteurize it to halt the infection from getting even worse. Slowly bring it up to 165F-170F, hold for 10 minutes or so, then chill, package, and reintroduce some fresh yeast.

If the taste is OK at this point, nothing more is required. In your case, the only thing I can recommend from experience is dry hopping. Just go out and pick up an ounce of 3-6% AA whole finishing hops appropriate to the beer style. If using pellets, add in a hop bag and put a copper pot scrubber over the bottom of the long dip tube. I’m not sure if pellet hops do as well for dry hopping, since I’ve only ever used whole hops for that.