How Long Show I Leave Beer In The Secondary?


I brewed my first batch which was an extract homebrew kit from for an american amber ale.

The starting gravity was 1.041 and two days later the fermentation seemed to have stopped so I checked the final gravity and it was 1.012, which is all fine according to the directions.

I then racked to the secondary and it’s already looking like it has cleared about half from its original state.

My question is how long should I leave it in the secondary before I bottle it, because at this rate it looks like it will be very clear by the end of the week.


It’s generally best to leave the beer in your secondary for a week…

I’d say leave it there though until you’re satisfied with the clarity, and as long as you need to. It’s in a glass carboy, so as long as you keep it away from UV light you’ll be fine for quite a while.