How Should I Carbonate My Lager?


So I made a Lager that completed fermentation in the fridge, and now it’s been lagering at about 35-37F for 2-3 weeks in the secondary (or maybe tertiary).

Will this lagering take all the yeast out of the solution? I’ll be bottling only 5x12oz bottles so it’s not a huge deal as the rest will be forced in a keg.

Should I add sugar as normal bottling procedure goes? Or should I add sugar and yeast to carb? if so… will ale yeast completely ruin the lager part of it and result in an ale-lager hybrid?


Typical home brewed lagers are lagered for 2 to 3 months.

The fastest and most reliable method is to dose the finished beer with fresh yeast. For this, dry is fine and it should be rehydrated in filtered (not distilled) water. Even better is if you can start it and pitch at high krausen.

If you are still having issues after that, wait three days, then invert the bottles and let the yeast travel, wait another three days, then invert the bottles again and after another three days carbonation should be complete.

As for ale yeast, it would be fine and would have a minimal to non-existent flavor effect on your beer, if it is fully fermented out. However, it should be a pretty neutral and alcohol tolerant strain like the Chico (American ale) strain.