How To Read My Hydrometer


How do you tell on a hydrometer when your beer is done? I brewed up a kolsch and my hydrometer says 1.010 right now.

Is that right or am I doing something wrong? I usually never check with hydrometer as I go off the airlock when it quits bubbling.

Can you let me know if I’m ready to bottle?


The more you brew, the more experience you’ll gain understanding fermenting and garvity when brewing. There is a lot of info about this that you can read, but none of it comes close to what you gain by just brewing a beer.

You can guage your yeast’s completion of fermentation in part from apparent attenuation. There is usually a percentage of attenuation available for yeasts, especially the liquid varieties. It is usually 70 to 75% attenuation.

What’s this figure mean? The formula for figuring attenuation is:


So, if your starting gravity is 1.050 and your finishing is 1.010, it becomes:


At that point, you know your yeast is as done as it’s gonna get…