No Carbonation After Priming Bottles


I have a brown ale that I bottled about 2 weeks ago. I chilled a few bottles and when I opened and poured into the glass there was no head, pretty much no carbonation…puzzled as to what went wrong. I am sure I didn’t forget the priming sugar step. Now the brew itself tastes pretty good considering the very low to no carbonation–I can see and taste a hint of carbonation and makes me think of a cask ale somewhat.

Any thoughts on what could have gone wrong with the priming/carbonation?

What should I do with the rest of the batch which is in 12 oz bottles? What if I opened them all and carefully poured into a fermenter along with adding fresh boiled/cooled wort and dose with yeast?


After bottling where were the bottles stored?

If it was your basement or some such cool place it may have been too cool.

If that was indeed the case then store at least some of your batch at room temperature for another one to two weeks and see if the carbonation has improved.

Of course, if you’ve already tried this then there is another possibility.

Have you tried more than one bottle with the same results? Sometimes if the priming sugar is not uniformly distributed there can be some bottle to bottle variation in terms of carbonation level.

I had the same problem with a Pale Ale once and I just waited another week and they were perfect. But definently do not open all of them and put them in the fermentor.