Plastic vs Glass Beer Bottles


What are the differences between plastic and glass beer bottles?  What are the advantages to each one?


There are two camps when it comes to the type of home brew beer bottles one should use when making home made beer- those that prefer glass and those that don’t. However, most people believe glass is preferable. Though home brew beer bottles made from glass are of course breakable, they can be repeatedly used. The only thing that needs to be replaced are the caps- you just simply wash and store them till the next time. When using glass beer bottles, you can see whether the product is clear or murky and you can prevent a plastic taste to your beer. The beer will remain flavorful and remain as close to the recipe you?ve used.

It is best to use home brew beer bottles that are dark in color, typically dark amber or dark green in color. It is essential that before brewing beer you should thoroughly clean your home brew beer bottles. Make certain they are sanitized because only then the beer can be poured into them. In order to sanitize a beer bottle properly always use a bottle brush and a bleach solution, and clean every area of the bottle as there could be bacteria, which could contaminate the beer. For a typical batch, you would need approximately forty home brew beer bottles to make certain there are plenty enough bottles to keep all of the ingredients in one batch.

The person making a home made batch of beer will have to individually cap each bottle of beer when using glass home brew beer bottles. There are products available for sale, such as capping machines, which will only allow for one to cap bottles with a single hand. This means bottling is less of a chore and actually makes the process a more safe a task. A bottle capping machine and bottle caps can be bought anywhere, including at a brew store or they can be ordered via the internet. Both are typically cheap, so know you will not have to pay too much money for either item.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use home brew kegs rather than home brew beer bottles then these can be purchased at similar stores and are also not too pricey. In fact home brewing kegs are in some cases included in some home brewing beer kits-that includes both the kegs and taps. So home brewing beer is for most an easy to do process that is both cheap and loads of fun!