Removing Sediment While Kegging


I racked my Canadian Ale into bottles and two 5l mini-kegs. It has been conditioning/carbonating for a while now.

Would it be an ok to transfer the beer from one mini-keg to another and filter it in the process, thus removing some of the floaties/by-product that is in there?

I imagine I would need to boost the CO2 in my kegerator for a little while after it’s been transferred and filtered.


There really shouldn’t be anything floating in the beer after it sits for a while. You could just rack it from one keg to another leaving sediment behind. If the first keg is in the fridge for a couple days and you don’t shake it or stir anything it should be clear to transfer.

You should just keep the co2 at the same pressure and it should not loose too much co2 during the transfer. You can use a paper towel to keep the keg being filled under some pressure by wrapping it around the racking tube. I use a rubber stopper around a tube when i fill bottles and growlers from my kegerator.