Rubber Seal Fell In The Beer


My first brew is an American wheat beer and it is still conditioning in my closet(no problems I hope).

I decided to start making my second beer today a California common steam beer. Everything went according to plan, as far as I know, until I started to put in the airlock.

I started twisting it in and it pushed the rubber seal through the lid and into the beer. I took the lid off, washed my whole arm with soap and had to reach to the bottom to get the rubber seal.

Did I ruin the beer? Is it contaminated? I hope it is fine.


Chances are you will be fine. You washed your arm but didn’t sanitize it. Pushing the grommet into your brew isn’t anything new but next time, just leave it in there.

The neat thing about the primary fermentation is that it creates a great deal of positive air flow that will keep the nasties out. A clean towel over the hole will suffice until you rack.