Should I Add Fruit To Secondary Or Keg


I like to brew beers with flavors added such as strawberry blondes or apricot wheats but I have always wondered if it is better to add the flavoring to the secondary or straight into the keg when kegging.

I have done it both ways but interested to know if there is a best practice for this?


If you’re just adding extracts as opposed to juices or real fruits, keep it simple. Just add it when bottling or kegging. Maybe you’ll get less loss of flavor to fermentation and it might be easier to gauge the flavour impact for future dosages.

Extract is also good to have on hand in case your yeast gives you a bit too much off flavours. It complements fruity off flavours, masks others, and if you really made some bad beer you can tell people it was Lambek and pretend it was a real sophisticated project 🙂