Should I Bottle Or Keg My Beer?


I’m new to home brewing and wondering if you can give me some advice or benefits on why I should bottle or keg? Thanks


There are a lot of home brewers that bottle their beer and there are a lot that kegs beer.

I’ve done both and currently keg beer after several years of bottling. I found that bottling is certainly less expensive however is very time consuming and can lead to unwanted contamination of the brew. For a 5 gallon batch you need to aquire, clean, sanitize and then fill 48 bottles.

Kegging is easier and takes less of your valuable drinking time. Plus you can force carbonate your beer so you can drink it even sooner. Granted there is still a possibility of contamination however it’s lower than the bottles.

Once you acquire a keg you need to sanitize it with a good cleaner (not bleach it will pit the stainless steel). You may also need to replace the poppet valves and lid gasket. If you are going to use the ones that came with the keg remove them and put in a pot of boiling water along with the gas and pick up tube. Rinse well and purge the keg with CO2. The CO2 purge will keep the from being oxidized when racking the beer into the keg because the CO2 is heavier than air and will float on top of the filling beer forcing out any oxygen.

Hope that helps and good luck.

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