Should I Include Post Boil Wort Sediment?


I’ve been brewing for a few months now and have completed 5 successful batches of wheat beer. Every time I cool my wort with a wort cooler attached it cools within about an hour. I also use the super moss for coagulation at the end of the wort boil. When I pull the wort cooler out of the wort though it agitates the settled proteins. Coincidentally I lose about three quarters to a full gallon of wort each time causing a drop in my starting gravity. Would you know how I can fix this?


There is no need to leave behind coagulated proteins when pouring wort into primary. Dump it  all in. Trub is not trub until yeast has worked on it. So, essentially you are leaving behind fermentable sugars and yes – that will lower your starting gravity. Give it a shot and I’m certain you’ll see that you’ll have a better batch.