Starter Home Brew Kegging System


I am considering getting into kegging (been doing all grain brewing for a few months and bottling – its been great).

As I look into the gear I need, it seems like it can get quite expensive. The fridge I understand, the kegs I understand, but the C02 regulator and stuff seems confusing.

I want to have 3 kegs going at the same time. Most web sites I reviewed suggest I need a double C02 regulator (to allow for two different pressure levels on at least two kegs — so I can carbonate at different levels on at least two kegs), plus a two way C02 distributor (to keep the other two kegs carbonated).

Any advice? Should I start more basic?


I use 1 regulator and just carb them all at the same level. Works well for me.

When I want to force carbonate a keg I just shut off the others and turn them back on when the new keg is carbed (only takes 5 minutes or so to carb it).

I would start with what you can afford though and 1 regulator should be fine.