Using A Cooler For A Mash Tun?


I’m thinking of buying an igloo cooler for a mash tun.  Do you have any advice or experience using once of these?


I purchased a 10-gallon converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun with false bottom from several months ago. I had wanted to start producing whole grain beers and I found this system worked very easily for me.

I found the construction simple to put together. The cooler and parts of the tun also came apart easily for cleaning. The Igloo container is also easy to store when I am not brewing. After multiple brews none of the parts of the mash tun have been damaged yet by the brewing process in the cooler.

To brew the grain, you will need a kettle to heat the water for the Igloo container. I start by heating the water up to about 170 degrees. You will need a thermometer also to check the temperature. I pour the water in the Igloo cooler and let it heat the inside of the cooler. When the temperature is about 160 degrees, I add the grains, stirring them so there are no clumps.

I found no leaking with the cooler and the cooler work very easy to transfer the wort from the cooler to the next phase of the process. The false bottom is just perfect for the cooler as well. It fits snug, so that grain does not enter the liquid under the false bottom. Yet, it has pores and slits that easily allow the liquid to drop out of the grain bed.


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