What The Best Method For Adding Hops To My Brew?


When brewing beer initially, is it recommended to strain out the hops before adding the wort into the primary fermenter or can it be left in?

I have read a couple of differing recommendation in the directions I have used when making my first couple of batches.

I would appreciate any help you can provide.


You certainly want to shoot for having as little sediment in the primary as possible.

When partial boiling, each drop of wort has exponential value on the beer, since it is so concentrated. If you’re full volume boiling, additional wort can easily be accounted for to leave trub behind in the boiler.

However, for the purposes of making something good to drink, the hop sediment won’t be a problem. It could add some astringence in a highly hopped beer, but shouldn’t be objectionable. Just leave it behind when you transfer it to the secondary…

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