When Do I Add Extract During Brew Process?


So I’m ready to brew my first batch. I’m brewing a wheat ale with liquid extract and I have a question.

The book I read suggests saving some of the extract till the last few minutes of boiling the wort to minimize the generation of unwanted flavors from chemical reactions.

The instructions with the ingredient kit I bought say to put in all the extract at the beginning. I assume this is to keep the directions as simple as possible.

So the question is, do I hold some back? or go all at once? if I hold some back, how much? half? a third? Any input would be appreciated!


When I brew extract I dump it all in at the boil and let it roll for an hour. The beer always turns out great. If holding some back makes a difference, I don’t think it would be much difference.

I have read a lot of books on brewing and I have read some recipes that call for late addition of malt extract, but not very many. If I were you I would just follow your instructions and I’m sure you won’t go wrong. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.